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Podpolianske osvetové stredisko

English summary

About us

Podpolianske osvetové stredisko is a contributory organization, a subject of law and its founder is the Self Governing Region Banská Bystrica.

Our aim is to contribute to the development of cultural and educational level in the regions of Detva, Krupina and Zvolen.
Our main activities are:

  • Methodic and consulting activities, mediation of information and knowledge from different areas of human activities, cooperation with minorities and associations
  • Educational activities focused on preservation, support and development of artistic and non-artistic genres
  • Searching for, documentation and preservation of folk traditions
  • Preparation and implementation of regional, national and international competitions, festivals and exhibitions
  • Preparation of cultural, social and educational events
  • Supporting of free time activities of the inhabitants of our region



dnes je: 17.9.2019

meniny má: Olympia

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